How do you define diversity in 150 words or less?

Diversity is agency. Let me offer an example as explanation.

I experience daily the reality of underrepresented minority matriculation at Berkeley. 3.8% are Black, 7.1% are Latino/Chicano, and >1% are Native, compared with to 6.6%, 38.2%, and 1.7% in California. We who do attend, experience racial microaggressions which make us wonder if we even belong. We feel powerless to reverse the trend of university matriculation. The larger diversity conversation concerns the admittance of minorities, and not their better cultural inclusion once they arrive.

This lack of inclusion mirrors the superficial definition of diversity, which formative institutions have espoused. In truth, this definition doesn’t give minority communities a voice.

True diversity is acknowledging that people from varied backgrounds deserve a seat at the table to solve our collective issues. Their expertise, their viewpoints, and their input is valid, and should be sought by those who have the power to do so.