Hello again, BERC again!

Hello again, BERC again!

What’s up, world changers? Time for a shameless plug!

In my very little free time, you see me blog here, but I also blog for the good folks at the Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative. We write about power systems, resource allocation, events on campus, climate change concerns; almost anything under the sun. While folks talk about raw resources or resource-utilizing technologies, however, one critical topic I see glossed over in this broad topic is economics.

Economics gets a bit of a bad rap, and is less than understood by the average citizen. In undergrad, it was one of my least favorite topics. I now believe, however, that much of economics is misinterpreted. It is a social science which aims to rationally understand how human beings allocate their resources. Its models work sometimes as explanations for human behavior, and many times, it can predict human behavior as well.

That being said, it’s important to outline faults and assumptions of economic theory. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), for instance, and it’s ubiquitous use in society, has great qualities of economic aggregation, but is misused in our society.

Enough foreplay. To find out how, check out my blog post, Gross Domestic Problems: Issues with GDP and Possible Improvements.

  • If love to see your view on the topic. Is GDP the problem? What is, if it isn’t GDP?
  • Where do you see inconsistencies in theory versus practice?
  • How do we advocate for different alternatives?

I’d love your views on the topic. Let’s converse about it.


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