My First BERC blog! Come check it out.

World changers of every interest! How goes it?

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I’m always happy to see you at my blog, as you can plainly see.

No, really, how are you doing? People barely ask that question, right? I’m concerned about your well-being. You come to read about my thoughts, my life, but I want to know about yours. How about you leave a little comment, and we can start a conversation? We all need someone to talk to.

I’m doing alright: it’s been a struggle, both in grad school and in life in particular, but I was built for this life.

One great thing I can report, fortunately, is that an article I’ve been working on for more than half a year is finally published. It’s called Fighting Climate Hypocrisy with Subtle Policy Solutions, and it’s built for your pleasure.

Check out the abstract I whipped up about it:

‘Green hypocrites’ are omnipresent. Although many intellectuals and activists preach the green gospel, they are caught in a network of inescapable resource-sapping mutuality, and can’t see their way out. How do we solve this conundrum, without drastically changing the environments we live in? Policies which employ innovative design practices, which subtly changes social norms for the better, might be a remedy. I expound in my article.

Innovation: it isn’t just for scientists and engineers. Hope you like it guys.

Interested in the idea for social innovation? Check out Stanford’s Center for Social Innovation for a community passionate about great research and definitions on the topic.

Do you conduct research, or work with social innovation in your policies? Let’s communicate!

Is there something specific you want me to blog about? Keep me posted! check out the pool below.

I look out for you, you look out for me. This is a symbiosis we have going on here.

See you on the journey.


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