curriculum vitae.



The University of California – Berkeley Masters – PhD Track in the Energy and Resources Group – Masters expected May 2014

The University of Michigan Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering – Summa Cum Laude

Morehouse College Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics – Summa Cum Laude Minor in Mathematics


Current: Developing questions, concerns, and topics in human centered design of tangible technological interventions for the multidimensionally poor, and forces which impact success and failure of such projects, including:

  • User-centered design
  • International Development/Development Engineering
  • Trans-disciplinary design links
  • Organizational Structure
  • Actor Relationships
  • Participatory design/Designer-user intimacy
  • Advocacy for marginalized communities
  • Pedagogy


Human Needs Project – Energy Analyst Developed an energy framework for a multidimensional basic needs facility for the community in Kibera, Kenya, using on the ground interviews and exploratory field research for needs assessment.

President – Black Graduate Engineers and Science Students (BGESS)

DIL Idea Team An interdisciplinary group of graduate students who want to help shape the campus dialogue on science and technology for global good. COntributed towards marketing and logistics for DIL Open House, where 100+ interdisciplinary students, professors, and staff gathered for pro-poor engagement on Berkeley.

Blogger – Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative Intermittently blog for BERC on interdisciplinary energy issues.

Marketing Team – Morehouse Bay Area Alumni Association Develop and advertise happy hours, community service, and alumni involvement initatives for the Bay Area.

Sherwood Test Prep – April – November 2013 Teach SAT and GRE preparation to classes of 5-18 students.


NASA Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) Dr. Aloysius F. Hepp, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH SUMMER 2010

  • Independently researched and compiled a solar concentrator trade study for in- situ resource utilization (ISRU) based oxygen production.
  • Published and presented a conference paper for the 49th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Orlando, FL.
  • Won the National Poster Presentation of the 2011 NSBE Technical Research Exhibition with research findings. University of Michigan Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

Dr. Alec Gallimore, Ann Arbor, MI SUMMER 2009

  • Developed an antenna array, hardware connections, and data acquisition software for the detection of plasma inconsistencies in Xenon Hall Thrusters.
  • Presented in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation’s SROP Conference, which consisted of poster presentations and round-table discussion comparing and contrasting other university’s SROP student’s research topics.

MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP) Dr. Alvar Saenz-Otero, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA SUMMER 2008

  • Developed an attitude control system of autonomous experimental satellites using reaction wheels.
  • Learned extensive theory and applications of control theory, computer programming, dynamics, systems design, and machining skills.
  • Conducted a poster presentation of my research at MIT, at the 2008 NSBE National Convention in Las Vegas, NV, and at multiple poster competitions around the Atlanta University Center.
  • Completed community service by setting up and leading discussions in the Youth Community Design Summit at the Roxbury YMCA, designed for citizens looking to improve their portion of the Boston community.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program Dr. Solomon Woods, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD SUMMER 2007

  • Designed a prototype trap detector system for silicon detector efficiency, and set up experiment testing power efficiency of model silicon detectors.
  • Compiled and performed an oral presentation of findings to fellow research interns, NIST research scientists, and colleagues/professors at Morehouse College.

Micro/Nano Optics Research & Engineering Laboratory Dr. Willie Rockward, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA SPRING 2007- FALL 2009

  • Researched the impact of terahertz imaging optical systems for future laboratory implementation.
  • Led the research team which wrote multiple laboratory studies to be used in advanced undergraduate optics curricula.
  • Researched laboratory procedures, including set-up and maintenance for the establishment of standard laboratory notebooks.
  • Aided in setup and maintenance of laboratory settings for use in future research.



  • Gordon, P. E. C. (2014). Design Thinking For the Poor: A Comparative Content Analysis of Development Challenges in OpenIDEO. ERG Master’s Paper. Soon to be published.
  • Gordon, P. E. C., Fuge M., Agogino, A.. “Examining Design for Development Online: A Qualitative Analysis of OpenIDEO using HCD/UCD Metrics.” ASME IMESE 2014 Conference.  ASME IMESE 2014 Conference. Soon to be published.
  • Gordon, P. E. C., Colozza, A. J., Hepp, A. F., Heller, R. S., Gustafson, R., Stern, T., et al. (2011). Thermal Energy Process Heat for Lunar ISRU: Technical Challenges and Technology Opportunities. 49th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (pp. 1-22). Orlando, Fl: AIAA. doi: AIAA 2011-704. NASA/TM-2011-217114.
  • Gordon, P. E. C. (2008). SPHERES Control of Attitude Control System using Reaction Wheels. Control (pp. 1-11). Cambridge, MA. Retrieved from


  • Gordon, P. E. C. Thermal Energy Process Heat for Lunar ISRU: Technical Challenges and Technology Opportunities.
    • Poster, presented at NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, August 2010,
    • NSBE National  Technical Research Exhibition, St. Louis, MO, April 2011,
    • AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Orlando, FL, Jan. 2011.
  • Gordon, P. E. C. Electromagnetic Characterization of Xenon Hall Thruster Ion Dynamics.
    • Committee on Institutional Cooperation’s SROP Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, Jul. 2009,
    • Department of Science and Mathematics Interdisciplinary Conference, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA, November, 2009.
  • Gordon, P. E. C. Attitude Control System using Reaction Wheels and SPHERES.
    • MIT Summer Research Program Poster Presentation Conference, Cambridge, Ma, Aug. 2008,
    • Clark-Atlanta University Undergraduate Poster Competition, Atlanta, GA, Sept. 2008,
    • NSBE National Convention Undergraduate Technical Poster Competition, Las Vegas, NV, Apr. 2009.
  • Gordon, P. E. C. Trap Detector Research at the Low Background Infrared (LBIR) Laboratory.
    • Oral, presented at NIST SURF Program End-of Summer Presentation, Gaithersburg, MD, Aug. 2007,
    • Morehouse College Oral Research Presentation, Atlanta, GA, Oct. 2007.


  • UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Fellow SPRING 2011
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellow WINTER 2011
  • University Honors, The University of Michigan WINTER 2011
  • Dean’s List, Morehouse College AND The University of Michigan FALL 2006- SPRING 2011
  • Most Outstanding Dual Degree Student, AUC DDEP Banquet SPRING 2012
  • 1st Place, NSBE National Technical Research Exhibition SPRING 2011
  • Certificates for Excellence in Research, Morehouse College FALL 2007, 2008
  • GM Scholarship, The University of Michigan
  • Boeing Scholar, AUC Dual Degree Engineering Program
  • Full Scholarship (room, board, tuition, fees),
  • Morehouse College Dual Degree Engineering Scholarship, the University of Michigan
  • Hilton Worldwide Corporate Scholar, National Society of Black Engineers
  • Harm Buning Scholarship Award, Aerospace Department, The University of Michigan
  • BP Scholar, AUC Dual-Degree Engineering Program AND The University of Michigan


1. MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP)

Participated in seminars about the general graduate school process, life concerning research, and multiple research endeavors being conducted at MIT.

Completed community service setting up and participating in an urban planning workshop for citizens looking to improve their portion of the Boston community.

2. NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program

Participated in workshops about the life concerning research at a governmental research facility, and multiple research endeavors being conducted at NIST.

3. John H. Hopps Research Scholar

Attended spring break trips learning about research and graduate school opportunities at Kennedy Space Center, The Boeing Company, Microsoft Corporation, University of Washington, Chicago University, and many others.

Helped build lasting connections with faculty from Morehouse, faculty from other universities, and research scientists from private and governmental institutions which will partner with the Hopps Scholars program for years to come.

4. National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE) In Atlanta University Center (AUC) as Public Relations Chair:

Worked to increase attention, knowledge, and interest in the (AUC) Chapter of NSBE by designing and distributing flyers throughout collegiate institutions.

Operated Public Relations committee to publicize multiple successful NSBE events, such as a NSBE Week, the Region 3 Fall Regional Conference, and the NSBE National Convention.

Designed a new AUC NSBE Logo to be used for years to come.

At The University of Michigan as a member of Community Service Committee:

Successfully founded, designed, advertised, wrote grant for, and managed [HelpNSBEHelpHaiti] Initiative, where we collected over 2200+ dollars in donations for a grassroots Haitian organized donation fund called the Croix Marchaterre Project.

Participated and managed multitudinous community service initiatives, such as Adams Elementary Engineering Club, Crisler Arena Cleanup, and University of Michigan Engineering Tech Day.

5. Summer Intern, General Motors

Completed 15-week work assignment concerning manufacturing details necessary for the next generation Corvette.

Required handling of proprietary information concerning novel GM techniques and technology, and travel from Warren, MI to Bowling Green, KY approximately once a month for project specifics.

Compiled and presented findings to executive staff members of Bowling Green Corvette Plant.


Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Mi-Γ Chapter, The University of Michigan WINTER 2011
NASA Student Ambassadors Program WINTER 2011
The Phi Beta Kappa Society, Δ-GA Chapter, Morehouse College SPRING 2010
Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society FALL 2009
Golden Key International Honour Society SPRING 2009